Jen Psaki Let Loose A Long, Weary Sigh After Peter Doocy Complained About Kyle Rittenhouse Being Called A ‘White Supremacist’

Jen Psaki has been a marked improvement over former president Donald Trump’s press secretaries: professional, courteous, and for the most part helpful. She’s also human. And over the last 10 months, she’s done her best to turn her rapport with her greatest journalistic foe, Fox News’ Peter Doocy, into a kind of running joke. But on Monday, she didn’t appear to find him that funny.

The week kicked off with a day of final statements in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, concerning the Illinois teenager who shot three protesters, two to death. The defense is claiming self-defense; the prosecution thinks that’s hogwash. Some have gone as far as to say he’s a white supremacist, and with good reason: He was caught seeming to flash a white power sign with fans after he killed two people.

Back in September of 2020, while he was still a presidential candidate, Biden tweeted a video about how then-president Trump “refused to disavow white supremacists” during the previous night’s debate. Among the people in the video were Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse’s mother then claimed Biden had “defamed” her son.

Jump a year and change and Doocy alluded to that in a press conference, as the trial was finally underway. “Why did President Biden suggest that Kyle Rittenhouse, on trial in Kenosha, is a white supremacist?” he asked.

Before she responded, Psaki took a few seconds to let loose a long, weary sigh. She said she couldn’t speak about the ongoing trial. “What I can reiterate for you is the president’s view that we shouldn’t have — broadly speaking — vigilantes patrolling our communities with assault weapons,” Psaki explained. “We shouldn’t have opportunist corrupting peaceful protests by rioting and burning down the communities they claim to represent, anywhere in the country.”

In the meantime, the Rittenhouse trial has been a clownshow, with alleged fake tears, an unhinged judge, even a cameo from the movie Road House.

(Via Raw Story)