The Jan. 6th Rioter Who Insisted She Would Never Go To Prison Would Like You To ‘Pop Champagne And Rejoice’ Because She’s Going To Prison

After boldly tweeting earlier in the year that she’d never go to prison because she’s blonde and white, you’d think Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan would pull back on the tweets after learning that, actually, she will be going to jail despite her skin and hair color. But no. After her 60 day sentence went viral on Thursday, Ryan once again took to Twitter to address her haters and issue what you might call a concession tweet?

“I’m just gonna make a blanket statement to all the people that are calling me and texting me,” she wrote. “You win!!! I’m going to prison. So you don’t need to contact me anymore. Pop champagne and then rejoice. But just leave me alone. Thank you.”

Of course, it’s not a great sign that Ryan still can’t stay away from social media even after her aggressive posting not only led to her swift arrest, but also sealed her fate in court. Her tweet about saying she’ll never go to prison because she’s too blonde and white did not sit well with the judge who wanted to make her an example to MAGA rioters who think they can operate with impunity.

After being sentenced, Ryan even told the media outside the courthouse that she regrets ever tweeting. Clearly, that sentiment didn’t hold for very long.

(Via Jenna Ryan on Twitter)