Jeremy Allen White’s Internet-Breaking Underwear Photos Were Made Accessible To The Visually Impaired

Have you seen Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein underwear photos? They’re hard to miss (but stop showing them to his co-workers, especially Ayo Edebiri). If you’re visually impaired, however, the Royal National Institute of Blind People has you covered.

“We’ve written image descriptions to help blind and partially sighted people decide which thirst trap is their favourite,” @RNIB wrote on X this week, along with two photos of The Bear actor in his skivvies.

The alt text for one photo reads, “A film photo of Jeremy Allen White standing in front of a red sofa on a rooftop in New York City, wearing only white Calvin Klein briefs. His curly hair and lean, toned physique is silhouetted against the pale evening sky. He stands with his arms by his side, smiling off-camera.”

The other: “A film photo of Jeremy Allen White standing behind scaffolding on a rooftop in New York city, wearing only white Calvin Klein boxers. His curly hair, blowing in the wind, and his toned, lean physique are lit up by the sun of golden hour. He has one hand on a rung of scaffolding at shoulder height and the other on a rung above his head, as if he’s about to climb. There’s a look of intense concentration on his face.”

That is the most accurate description of Allen White I’ve ever read.

(Via the Daily Mail)