Jim Acosta Asked Trump If He Would ‘Apologize’ For The Jan. 6 Insurrection, And It Didn’t Go So Well

It’s no secret that Jim Acosta isn’t a fan of Trump or his lackeys. The CNN reporter is very outspoken about the former president. And about Fox News, which he’s called a “bulls*it factory.” And about their employee Tucker Carlson, who he’s called “Fox’s chief white power correspondent.” So surely he knew how it would go over when he asked Trump, during a rare public appearance, if he would “apologize” for the events of Jan 6.

The 45th president took some time from ranting at strangers at the resorts he lives in to visit the Southern border, which has become a target for Republicans over the ongoing migrant crisis. During an event, in which he predictably slammed the Biden administration (while, of course, misleading people about the election he lost in November), Acosta tried to get him to comment on his disgraceful last couple weeks on the job. But he didn’t get chewed out by Trump. He got chewed out by the crowd.

“At border event with Trump and Abbott I asked Trump if he’s going to apologize for January 6,” Acosta later wrote on Twitter. “He did not respond. Crowd of mostly GOP members and staff booed.”

Indeed, the crowd was, as per The Hill, mostly Republican members of Congress and staffers. As for Trump, he (perhaps smartly) said nothing, letting the boos die down and then smirking and giving a thumbs up, as he often does when he’s trying to extricate himself from awkward situations.

You can even see video of the booing here:

On one hand, what did Acosta expect? This is not unlike the Arrested Development bit in which Michael Bluth curiously peers into a paper bag labeled “dead bird.” On the other, it reiterates the belief that the entire GOP remains in his thrall, unwilling to own up to one of the darkest days in American history.

(Via The Hill)