‘SNL’ Vet Jim Breuer Is Being Dragged For Canceling Stand-Up Shows That Require Proof Of Vaccination, Calling It ‘Segregation’

Public venues are back, baby, but with a catch: Some of them require proof of vaccination. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, music venues, museums, etc. — some are required to check whether you’re a public health risk (as in New York City) while others are making that decision themselves. Others are doing nothing, and those places have caught the ire of popular stars. Patton Oswalt canceled shows in Florida and Utah because they weren’t taking the pandemic seriously.

And then there’s Jim Breuer. If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the three seasons he spent on SNL. He was the guy who was also a goat. He also did a pretty broad Joe Pesci impersonation. It’s been a while since he was big, but he’s still eking it out as a stand-up. Well, not at two venues, he isn’t.

As per NBC News, Breuer released a video revealing that he was canceling shows at a theater in New Jersey and another in Michigan. Was it because they don’t check whether their guests could infect others with a highly transmissible disease? No, it was the opposite.

In the lengthy video, Breuer said he was adamantly against the “segregation” of venues “forcing people to show up with vaccinations, to prove your vaccinated.” He called whether you’re a health risk to others a “choice,” saying that he has to “stick to my morals, you have to stick to what is right.”

Breuer repeatedly used the term “segregation” to refer to keeping people safe from others who may be disease vectors. He added that people were being “forced, bribed, dictated,” though the last verb may have been used incorrectly.

“I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved to the system or money,” Breuer said. “I’d rather go bankrupt and make a stance and not segregate.”

Many, though, were surprised to hear about Breuer at all.

But some did not find Breuer’s stance herotic.

Being that Breuer’s most famous character was Goat Boy, some made Ivermectin farm animal jokes.

And some dragged in Joe Rogan, on whose show Breuer appeared in March.

(Via NBC News)