Jim Jordan Is Getting Roasted After Claiming The Founding Fathers Would Have Opposed Pandemic Restrictions

Even for one of Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-irrelevant sycophants, Jim Jordan knows how to step in it. His brand — apart from refusing to wear suit jackets in public — involves tweets so mind-foggingly dumb it doesn’t take a historian to debunk. Unfortunately he’s so high-profile that historians feel compelled to do so anywayy. Mere weeks after nonsensically claiming Dr. Anthony Fauci would ban saying “Merry Christmas,” the Ohio representative is back at it, this time with some silliness about the Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers, of course, are a mythical bunch to conservatives, who hold them up as a larger-than-life titans who definitely thought alike, and whose thoughts from two-and-a-half centuries ago definitely always have some validity in 2020. Jordan has long opposed COVID-19 restrictions, thinking that people should be free to recklessly catch and transmit a highly contagious disease. (Jordan is one of the only close members of Trump’s posse who hasn’t tested positive for the virus.)

“60 million Americans are subject to a stay at home order or curfew. 11 million are right here in Ohio,” Jordan tweeted. “What would the Founders say?”

Well, as it turns out, we have a pretty good idea of what they would think. Historians once again poured in to educate Jordan, who should perhaps do a touch of Googling before he tweets. Or perhaps his question was sincere! Maybe he didn’t know what the Founders would say! In any case, the short answer is: They would probably be all for it.

Some took issue with Jordan’s vague and ahistorical depiction of the Founding Fathers.

Or pointed out that the Founding Fathers would, unlike the Republican party, almost certainly do something, anything to save its people.

Some pointed out they’d probably not like what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did around the same time Jordan was tweeting.

And many did what people do every time Jordan is in the news: remind everyone that he’s been roundly accused to ignoring sexual assault while assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University in the ’90s.

And then there were others, who were simply sick of hearing the name Jim Jordan.

Then again, at least his teeth don’t fall out when he talks, like fellow Trump minion Louie Gohmert.