Jim Jordan Went On An Unhinged Rant, Saying Libs Are An ‘Evil’ They Have To Defeat Like Nazis And Slavery

Jim Jordan doesn’t have the infamy of his good buddy Matt Gaetz, the Butt-head to his Beavis. But he tries. Sometimes the Trumpist lawmaker and nasal-voiced weirdo is content to fire off dunkable tweets. Other times he’s simply a nuisance at congressional hearings. Every now and then he’s a little more ambitious, such as when he went on Newsmax over the weekend and compared the “radical left” to Nazis and slavery.

“Every third generation in this country has had to do something big,” Jordan told host Seb Gorka. “You think about the Founders and what they did when they declared why we’re going to be an independent country, what they had to overcome, the greatest military in the world. They did it.

“Three generations later, Lincoln and the Americans then held the country together, got rid of the evil of slavery,” continued Jordan. “Three generations later, we defeated imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, the evils that those two countries represented and the greatest generation won that war.”

Jordan then made a connection, however dubious, between owning people as property, a murderous authoritarian regime and…people who protest systemic racism.

“Here we are three generations later and the assault is from the radical left,” Jordan averred. “We have to step forward and do our part like previous generations of Americans have done. I think we’re up to the task.”

It was unhinged even for Jordan, who back on October was widely mocked for saying that all vaccines, even ones for long-conquered diseases like polio, should be banned.

(Via Raw Story)