Jim Jordan Is Once Again Being A Ding-Dong By Throwing A Hissy Fit Over Not Being Allowed To Play A Video During A Congressional Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan appears to have eaten his Wheaties this week because the man just won’t stop. On Wednesday, he and Matt Gaetz spent an inordinate amount of time acting like nuisances during House committee hearings that addressed Steve Bannon deciding to ignore a subpoena on the Jan. 6 MAGA coup. It’s to the point where people started recalling that memes have compared Jordan and Gaetz to Beavis and Butt-Head, but they’re not harmless doofuses who sit on couches and watch music videos. Instead, they’re armed with far-right information and stonewalling any progress whatsoever when they take the mic.

Well, Jordan’s back in the saddle again on Thursday, when he decided to ding-dong out and act like a clown because he couldn’t play a video for the House Judiciary Committee. Attorney General Merrick Garland (who was on hand to discuss Justice Department oversight) appeared to discuss possibilities for dealing with Bannon’s defiance, and Garland declared, “The Department of Justice will do what it always does in such circumstances, we’ll apply the facts and the law and make a decision, consistent with the principles of prosecution.”

Meanwhile, Jordan was ranting about an “accelerated march to Communism.”

Then he began to freak out about wanting to play his darn video.

And here’s the video that Jordan wanted to play, as blasted out on Twitter by the House Judiciary GOP account. It’s a montage of right-ring parents freaking out over COVID protocols at town hall meetings, sprinkled with Fox News clips.

Via Mediaite, Jordan wasn’t allowed to play this video because he apparently didn’t adhere to the committee’s protocol for attempting to secure video approval 48 hours in advance. Jordan, of course, pushed back at the rule’s existence while also stating that he did, in fact, follow the rule. Hmm.

(Via Aaron Rupar & Mediaite)