Jimmy Kimmel Mocked Don Jr. For Fixating Upon ‘Sniffing’ While Peddling A Dangerous QAnon Theory Against Biden

Jimmy Kimmel spent Tuesday night tearing into Donald Trump Jr.’s latest Fox News appearances, in which the “Fraudigal Son” dabbled in peddling QAnon conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden. As the late night host notes, Don Jr.’s main source of contention is that Biden hasn’t addressed the growing scandal involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, which Kimmel joked is making Don Jr. angry because Cuomo is “getting close to breaking presidaddy’s all-time sexual misconduct record by an American politician.”

However, things took a conspiratorial turn when Don Jr. said to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that maybe Biden shouldn’t weigh in on the Cuomo issue because he’s “probably not the best person to talk about these things given his history of sniffing children.” That quip is a reference to attacks during the presidential election about Biden being an overly affectionate grandfather type. More importantly, it peddles in dangerous (and false) QAnon theories that Biden, along with Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton, are part of a secret cabal of pedophiles. Kimmel wasn’t having it.

Via The Daily Beast:

“We want to know what you are sniffing, that’s what we’d like to know,” Kimmel shot back. “If I was you Donny, I’d stuff the word ‘sniffing’ back into the family thesaurus.”

The “sniffing” reference from Kimmel must be a reference to people always noting Don Jr.’s amped-up state and wondering if he needs an intervention. Kimmel also challenged Don Jr.’s accusation that Biden has “the most disastrous first 60 days” of any American president. “Name 10 presidents. Go ahead, we’ll wait,” Kimmel quipped. “I’m working on a new game show for Donald Trump Jr. It’s called ‘Name 10 Presidents and Pee in this Cup.'”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Daily Beast)