Jimmy Kimmel Made A Mike Lindell Christmas Special That Roasted Everyone From George Santos To The QAnon Shaman

Jimmy Kimmel has a well-documented history of brutally mocking Mike Lindell, which somehow didn’t stop the MyPillow CEO from making a Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance while inside a claw machine. Well, this holiday season, Kimmel pulled out all the stops.

Once again enlisting the aid of actor James Adomian who always does a hell of a job capturing Lindell’s manic speaking style, Kimmel unleashed the “Mike Lindell MyChristmas Spectacular.” In the holiday short, Lindell touts a right-wing lineup that includes the QAnon Shaman, Herschel Walker, and George Santos Clause, who spends most of his time asking children where their parents hide the cash and jewelry.

The “special” also featured appearances by the “Local County Whistleblowers Choir” and a “performance of the Nutcracker suite from the East Browersville Kill Shelter Players.”

However, there was one person missing from the festivities: Donald Trump. Despite Lindell promising an appearance from his most favorite president, Jimmy Kimmel shows up instead to break the news. In true Lindell style, the conspiracy pusher entirely misses the point that Trump bailed on him.

Via Newsweek:

“Gosh darn it, I’ve been such a fool. I’ve been waiting for a real president to come and now I realize I don’t need to, because Donald Trump has been here all along,” Lindell said while pointing to his and Kimmel’s hearts.

“Trump is more than a man who’s going to round up all the commies and deviant perverts. He lives in the hearts of all who still believe in the magic of Christmas.”

With that matter settled, Lindell turned to what he does best: Merchandising! As Kimmel and the gaggle of right-wing loonies sip egg nog, Lindell starts pushing MyPillow products featuring the beheading of John the Baptist that’s 80% off (get it) if use a code celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

(Via Newsweek)