Joe Biden Is Trolling Mike Pence Over His Debate-Stealing Fly

At first, the 2020 Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris seemed much more run-of-the-mill than last week’s Trump-Biden fiasco, but then things got weird. People noticed Pence’s grody “pink eye,” then and a massive fly (literally) invaded Pence’s headspace for minutes. C-SPAN tweeted video because that fly was so distracting, and it probably brought more people together in 2020 than any other living being. The Fly almost felt like a balm after so much 2020 tension, and Pence’s stark white hair kept the spotlight on that sucker.

Well, the current VP couldn’t have enjoyed those minutes after someone informed him of The Fly (imagine being that person), but one VIP person seriously enjoyed what went down onstage. That would be former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden, whose campaign did not hesitate to seize opportunity. After the conclusion of the debate, he tweeted a photo of himself holding a fly swatter with this caption: “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.”

Biden’s account also tweeted, a link to, which forwards to, where people check whether they’re registered to vote.

Over 92,000 retweets and 385,000 likes so far, so this fly is a unifier, at least on the left. And that wasn’t all. Biden’s marketing people sprang into action and posted an official store product: a fly swatter that reads, “Truth Over Flies.”

Within about an hour, the campaign had already sold 15,000 of these things, so The Fly fallout is almost magical, including from a fundraising sense.

The Fly shall be an endless source of laughs, and oh boy, do we ever need them right now. We salute you, The Fly.