Joe Biden Adopted A Dog From A Shelter And The Internet Is Going Nuts

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Out of America’s politicians, Joe Biden is one you can mostly rely on to give good vibes in troubled times. Case in point: While we’re dealing with the California wildfires and our president brushing off official news that the Saudi government ordered the death of a journalist, the former vice president just adopted an adorable German shepherd from a shelter. That’s the story! Enjoy how minor it is!

Joe and his wife Jill had been already fostering the dog, name of Major, whom they decided to foster permanently. As per Huffington Post, Major came from the Delaware Humane Association, and had been delivered to the shelter as part of a litter of puppies who were “not doing well at all.” The shelter posted the story on social media, and Biden quickly scooped him up.

Since then, all five of Major’s sibling have found homes as well, though not ones with Barack Obama’s former partner-in-crime.

Because the Information Superhighway likes both Biden and dogs, this was a perfect storm of internet goodness. Some even noticed a resemblance:

Others just liked a story involving a politician that didn’t involve terrible takes or election results:

Biden’s sometime detractor, Donald J. Trump, owns no dogs and often uses the term “dog” as an epithet.

(Via Huffington Post)

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