Joe Biden Will Not Stand In The Way As The Jan. 6 Committee Seeks Damning Trump Documents

The House committee examining the events of Jan. 6 was almost snuffed in its crib. Republicans leaders tried to get die-hard Trumpists like Jim Jordan — who may have played a key role in the failed insurrection — to take part. Since then the majority of the party has not cooperated, even tried to sabotage it. But the committee seems to be rolling right along, and during the week Joe Biden made sure they could get their hands on some potentially damning documents.

As per The Hill, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday that the president will not assert executive privilege as to the Trump-era documents they seek.

“We take this matter incredibly seriously,” Psaki told reporters. “The president has already concluded that it would not be appropriate to assert executive privilege and so we will respond promptly to these questions as they arise and certainly as they come up from Congress.”

She added, “We have been working closely with congressional committees and others as they work to get to the bottom of what happened on Jan. 6, an incredibly dark day in our democracy.”

This will likely enrage Trump, who has sworn that he’ll fight subpoenas for testimony from his former aides on “Executive Privilege and other grounds.” Like much of what he says, that may be a bluff. After all, he can’t assert executive privilege if he’s no longer president. The committee has also sent out subpoenas to such Trump allies as Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Steve Bannon, the latter who all but admitted he played a part in the Capitol riot.

(Via The Hill)