Watch John Boehner Totally Lose It In Front Of Pope Francis

Two days into his U.S. tour, Pope Francis paid a visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday morning, where Speaker of the House John Boehner became positively verklempt in the presence of the holy figure. A devout Catholic, Boehner has been pushing for a United States papal visit for 20 years, so this milestone must have been up there with the birth of his first child for him.

Then again, pull it together, Boehner. Millions of people are watching! Let’s have a closer look:

Shortly after, Pope Francis became the first Pope ever to address Congress, and while his holiness was speaking out against religious extremists, Boehner lost it once again:

Other topics Pope Francis covered during his address included combating human-caused climate change and being compassionate to immigrants, but I am guessing those issues don’t hold quite as near and dear to the Speaker of the House’s heart.