Pennsylvania’s Badass Lt. Governor Quoted Ariana Grande After His State’s Supreme Court Shut Down Trump’s Election Fraud Claims

Donald Trump has been having a rough time trying to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania. To add insult to injury, he’s been relentlessly mocked by PA Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who’s become a social media star in the days following the election for his brutally refreshing takedowns of the president’s failed legal strategies. Case in point: the PA Supreme Court has dismissed a significant lawsuit from the Trump campaign that would’ve invalidated millions of votes. It was yet another stunning blow to the president’s legal team, who has been consistently failing in court.

Feeling confident with his state’s record at swatting down attempts to overturn the election, Fetterman quoted Ariana Grande in response to a new resolution from Republican state representatives that has “zero chance” of flipping the results for Trump.

Fetterman’s penchant for man-handling Trump and his surrogates earned him the nickname “Lt. Gov. Stone Cold” from John Oliver, and his hulking frame caught the attention of comedian Leslie Jones. The former SNL star posted a thirsty video on Twitter, where she got down with Fetterman mopping the floor with Rudy Giuliani and said she wants him as her personal bodyguard.

You can watch Jones’ hilarious reaction video below:

While Fetterman is well known in the state of PA, he rose to national prominence shortly after the election when he delivered a badass rebuke of the Trump’s strategy of claiming election fraud. Fetterman assured MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that the counting process was going smoothly and firmly stated that the only problem with the process is “Trump campaign showing up on our corner in Philadelphia like some sad carnival barker, making outlandish claims.” The massive lieutenant governor also made it clear why the president had no chance of overturning the results. “Math is math.”

(Via John Fetterman on Twitter)