John Fetterman Enlisted ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki To Brilliantly Troll Dr. Oz

The senatorial race in Pennsylvania is going to be one of the most watched political showdowns come November as tatted-up badass and current lieutenant governor John Fetterman takes on noted TV quack and pretend Pennsylvanian Dr. Mehmet Oz. But if a winner had to be called today, it would be a surprise contender no one saw coming: Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

On any given day, Fetterman’s Twitter is a treasure trove of pretty hilarious digs at Oz, with constant reminders that the man Jimmy Kimmel once referred to as a “serial testicle fondler” isn’t even from Pennsylvania, and that he only set up residence here recently with the specific goal of running for office in the Keystone State. (He’s so much not a resident that he actually misspelled the name of the town where he supposedly lives.) But on Thursday, Fetterman shared a Cameo video of Snooki—one of Jersey’s finest—mockingly wishing Oz the best of luck in his bid for senator.

Introducing herself as “a hot mess on a reality show,” Snooki proceeded to wish Dr. Oz the best of luck in his search for “a new job.” And noted how it must be hard for him: “I know you’re away from home and you’re in a new place. But Jersey will not forget you.” She also told him not to worry, “because you’ll be back home in Jersey soon.”

Newsweek reached out to Oz’s team for comment. Unsurprisingly, they did not receive one. What can one say in response?