PA Lt. Gov John Fetterman Says He’s Enjoying Watching GOP Politicians Support Trump’s ‘Big Hot Flaming Pile Of Garbage’ That Will Ultimately Destroy Their Legacies

At this point, all of the major networks should be paying Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman to trademark his savage Trump takedowns because they’re always good. Case in point: his recent appearance on MSNBC. Fetterman came on the network earlier today to drag GOP Senators for supporting Trump’s Electoral College challenge, he used some harsh words to do it.

“Everyone knows this is going down in a big hot flaming pile of garbage,” Fetterman said when discussing Republican’s push to contest the results of the 2020 Presidential Election by refusing to certify Electoral College votes on Jan. 6th. “I encourage all of them to vote for it. They’re setting themselves up for a moment decades from now where it’s like, ‘Grandpa, what did you do during 2020?’ And it’s like, ‘Well grandson, I told people not to wear a mask during a pandemic and I chose to simp for a president through seditious, meaningless performance art on the floor of the United States Senate.'”

Fetterman went on to reveal that the same type of calls Trump made to Georgia election officials that were leaked to the press earlier this week have also been made to Pennsylvania officials, trying to get those in charge of counting and certifying the vote to find a path to victory for the disgraced president. But he didn’t seem too worried about Trump’s push to suppress the vote in his home state.

“This is a mathematical certitude,” he said. “All of this sound and fury is going to end with Joe Biden being inaugurated on January 20th. It’s going to end in a supernova of supreme humiliation for them and that’s going to be a stain on their record for the rest of the time they’re in public service.”

Moral of the story — don’t try to rig elections and definitely don’t come for John Fetterman. He and his neck gaiter give zero f*cks.