John Tesh Is Being Roasted After Huffily Announcing His Departure From Twitter To Join The MAGA Utopia Of Parler

Former Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh surprised Twitter users on Sunday night by revealing that he’s apparently had an account this whole time — except not anymore, because he deleted it to join Parler, the far-right social media app that has been rapidly gaining disgruntled Donald Trump supporters following the president’s loss during the 2020 election. After “saying goodbye to censorship and viciousness,” Tesh’s name quickly became a trending topic thanks to a hilarious combination of spicy tweets roasting the TV personality/new age musician for outing himself as a Trump supporter and some users having no clue who John Tesh is.

While many of the tweets were of the “Wait, John Tesh was on Twitter?” and “Who the hell is John Tesh?” variety, others got more specific and lambasted the former Entertainment Tonight anchor for his music that they didn’t enjoy.

Political junkies also noted that Tesh’s former ET co-host attended a Trump rally (over the summer) where she allegedly used a white power hand symbol. Tesh and Hart’s mutual MAGA love has folks wondering what the heck was happening at Entertainment Tonight back in the day.

However, the ET deep dive did come with some good news. Leeza Gibbons seems to have missed the MAGA bug:

Tesh’s embrace of Parler now puts him in the same league as other former ’80s stars like Kirstie Alley and Scott Baio, who have been vocal supporters of Trump during and after the election. In fact, Baio even went so far as to rearrange an entire shelf of candles at Michael’s, which prompted the president’s admiration on Twitter.