Jon Stewart Jokes That He’s ‘Hunter Biden’s Cocaine Dealer’ While Fighting For Veteran’s Bill On Steps Of The Capitol

Jon Stewart is clearly not backing down until the Senate passes the Honor Our PACT Act and provides health care to veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their time in service. Despite the bill having bipartisan support, Senate Republicans suddenly voted against it last week and it’s believed the move was done solely out of retaliation for Democrats planning to move forward with President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Once again taking to the steps of the Capitol on Monday to urge the Senate to pass the bill before heading for recess, Stewart fired off a few jabs at his conservative critics who have been oddly attacking him for championing the healthcare bill. While the late night comedian got in a few jokes, he quickly pivoted back to the seriousness of the situation as the stalled bill is leaving veterans on the hook when time is a crucial factor.

Via Mediaite:

“I’m a liberal piece of shit,” Stewart said with a twang. “I get it. I know what I am. I’m Hunter Biden’s cocaine dealer. I get it. I’m more gay pride flag than man. I get it. But the VFW isn’t, and the American Legion isn’t, and the IAVA [Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America] isn’t, and DAV [Disabled American Veterans] isn’t, and the Wounded Warriors Project isn’t.”

With a throng of cameras recording Stewart’s every word, he challenged the Senate to honor its commitment to the men and women who served their country.

“My suggestion to this Senate would be, when you come back, if all the members aren’t here, keep the lights on, keep the doors open, and don’t leave here tonight until you do the right thing by these folks,” Stewart said. “Don’t make it harder than it is.”

(Via Mediaite)