People Are Outraged That Noted Insurrection-Enabler Josh Hawley Got To Ask Questions About The Insurrection At A Senate Hearing

In only two years in the Senate, Josh Hawley has turned himself into a household name. Unfortunately, it’s mostly for being one of the key lawmakers who helped incite the failed MAGA coup that resulted in five deaths. Like Ted Cruz, the Missouri congressman has not been formally reprimanded for his role in the Capitol storming, nor has he expressed any remorse, nor has he apologized to the colleagues whose lives he helped put in danger. Quite the contrary. On Monday — mere days after being called a “little piece of s*it who should be run out of DC” by noted former general (Russell Honore) — Hawley appeared in the Senate hearing into what happened on January 6. And people were furious.

Hawley spent most of his time during the hearing criticizing the hearing itself. He took umbrage with accusations that those in charge of the officers overseeing Capitol security had given the “appearance of complicity.” Hawley called the allegations “extremely disrespectful.”

The Kansas City Star, which is published in the town where Hawley attended private school, saw through Hawley’s moves, saying his “rejection of the notion that these decisions amount to complicity in the attack is an indirect way to defend his own actions leading up to Jan. 6.” (The day of the attack, the paper also published a scathing op-ed, writing, “No one other than President Donald Trump himself is more responsible for Wednesday’s coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol than one Joshua David Hawley.”)

But most people were simply horrified that the hearings got it backwards — that Hawley should have been questioned, not the other way around.

There were a lot of I Think You Should Leave “hot dog guy” memes.

But Hawley wasn’t the only insurrection-fanning senator who had evaded questioning. There was Ted Cruz, too.

And Ron Johnson.

At one point Hawley tried to defend the infamous photo of him giving a passionate fist-bump to Trump supporters about to attempt an insurrection. But he wasn’t terribly convincing.

(Via Kansas City Star)