The Juggalo March On Washington And The Pro-Trump ‘Mother Of All Rallies’ Have Converged In D.C.

We’ve known about it for some time, but on Saturday it finally happened. The long-promised “Juggalo March” on Washington D.C. went down on Saturday, September 16th, and judging by the many reporters who showed up to cover it and the competing “Mother of All Rallies” pro-Donald Trump demonstration, it didn’t disappoint. While those who turned out for the latter were in town to support their president, however, the Insane Clown Posse fans weren’t necessarily gathering on the National Mall to protest Trump. They were there to march against the FBI.

Per CBS News, the ICP-loving Juggalos were in town “as part of a long-planned protest against what they say is discriminatory treatment by law enforcement.” In 2011, the National Gang Threat Assessment composed by the FBI listed the group as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang.” According to ICP and the march’s organizers, they believe “they have been discriminated against and targeted” because the band’s “lyrics are marked by violent imagery, and whose logo is a man holding a hatchet.”

As for the so-called “Mother of All Rallies,” the event’s leaders maintain their goal is to support the Trump White House’s agenda, which they argue will save “traditional American culture” from the many threats it faces. Organizers for both have apparently “regarded each other warily,” considering what happened in Charlottesville, and both events are taking steps to prevent any violence from breaking out. Those in charge of the pro-Trump event told CBS News they “will ask any attendees with Confederate flags, Nazi symbols or hateful signs to leave, or put paraphernalia back in their cars.”

So far the rallies’ concurrence has sparked nothing more than a flurry of photos and videos on Twitter, posted predominantly by journalists in attendance. Higher numbers of attendees (and a few noticeable tourists) were spotted at the Juggalos’ encampment.

While a much smaller number of protesters at the “Mother of All Rallies” were tallied up by those documenting it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a day of dueling rallies without a few decent Twitter jokes and observations.

(Via CBS News)