Justin Trudeau Does Some Impressive Yoga And Is Just Showing Off At This Point

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Speaks To The Press At The United Nations
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In October, Canada scored a new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. His election wasn’t a surprise to the country, as his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, did some time in the same office, but the internet collectively fainted and has only just regained consciousness. Trudeau’s ascension put an end to Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper’s decade-long reign, and so the media descended into “Trudeaumania” once more. The prime minister has nabbed plenty of newfound American fans, and the feeling is mutual. He and President Obama touted a climate change plan, and the two world leaders got along famously.

President Obama Hosts Canadian PM Trudeau On His Official Visit To Washington
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Likewise, Trudeau has impressed ladies by saying he’ll assert his feminism until the word no longer surprises anyone. Now, the world recalls that Trudeau is a yogi. He posted this photo in 2013, and it’s making viral rounds.

The photo was originally posted on Facebook by Canadian yogi David Gellineau, and Trudeau comes by his talent honestly. His father once struck the same pose for cameras, and Justin’s wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, is a yoga teacher. She was licensed in 2012, and the couple enjoys doing the tree pose together. This is a nice, balancing pastime compared to boxing.

Does this whole display of virility, uh, remind you of another world leader? Yes, only far less dangerous.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is
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