Kamala Harris’ Office Is Pretty Ticked Off About The Chaotic Covid-Testing Reveal On ‘The View’

When The View returned on Monday morning, the first thing Joy Behar addressed was the calamitous situation on Friday where co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro received positive COVID tests results on the air and were whisked off the set just moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was about to make a live appearance, which was quickly pivoted to a remote interview. It was an all-around chaotic scene, but by Monday, it was being presented as an unfortunate mix-up as Hostin and Navarro tested negative several times over the weekend. Producer Brian Teta apologized, and Behar thanked Harris’ staff for being so gracious and helpful. The end, right? Not so much.

According to a new report, the Vice President’s office is “vexed” with what went wrong on The View, and there are concerns that the daytime talk show may not have been forthcoming about when the co-hosts were tested. In order for Harris to appear live on the show, the co-hosts were required to take PCR tests within 24 hours of the interview. Harris’ team was led to believe that requirement was fulfilled, until it wasn’t. Via CNN:

That night, a representative for “The View” gave the “all clear” to Harris’ office, suggesting that the show had satisfied the requirements to proceed with the taping, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

After it was suddenly revealed Friday morning that was not the case, Harris’ team was left puzzled and seeking answers about what happened. But, according to a person familiar with the matter, “The View” has not been forthcoming with the vice president’s office, leaving Harris’ staff “deeply concerned” about what happened.

According to CNN, ABC and The View have refused multiple requests for comment. However, a source said that ABC News president Kim Godwin was “irked and embarrassed by the whole fiasco.”

(Via CNN)