Kanye Wes Is The Kanye West/Wes Anderson Mashup Tumblr You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

10.19.12 3 Comments

Sadly, I don’t get very excited over clever mashup Tumblrs the way I used to. There are just soooooo many out there that they’ve kind of become watered down. But I became downright giddy when a reader tipped me to the Kanye West/Wes Anderson one. I mean, it’s kind of perfect — when you really stop and think about it, Kanye could be a Wes Anderson character. He dresses like one at times. He often says things so ridiculous that it seems as though a Wes Anderson character could have said them. Again, it’s perfect.
Yeezy should embrace this meme fully and just have Wes Anderson direct his next video. Maybe get Bill Murray and the Butterscotch Stallion to make cameos. How amazing would that be? MAKE THIS HAPPEN, BROS! Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from “Kanye Wes.” Enjoy. (Thanks for the tip, Jessica!)

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