Karl Urban Has No Patience For Any ‘Toxic Fan’ Of ‘The Boys’: ‘Your A** Will Get NUKED From Orbit’

The Boys viewers tend to be an enthused bunch. This can work for and against the show, and its stars, and its audience at large. And of course, the negative stuff tends to make more headlines, like when angry trolls review-bombed the second season because of the show’s new weekly rollout. Or when the far-right contingent apparently went into a full meltdown when they realized that Homelander is a villain. Or when misogynists go haywire on the show’s female stars, including Erin Moriarty.

Now, Karl Urban heard about something ugly. Urban didn’t go into specifics, mind you, but he did warn a certain troll that he would get specific if a situation continued.

“it’s come to my attention that a toxic fan is engaged in persistent cyber bullying,” the man who embodies Billy Butcher wrote on Twitter. “I see you . STOP ! If you don’t , the whole WORLD will soon see you and know you for the cruel & wicked racist that you are . Your dumb German ass will get NUKED from orbit .”

You heard what the man said, and you’ve seen his work. No one should mess with Karl Urban.

And if you needed a little sunshine as an antidote, here’s a sentiment from Antony Starr, who is (allegedly!) not at all like Homelander. “Everyone is struggling with something,” Starr tweeted. “Everyone. You’re not alone. And if you haven’t heard it today,- you’re amazing.”