Kayleigh McEnany Is Being Mocked Over Her ‘Weird And Pointless’ Lie About An All-Female Press Team

Kayleigh McEnany is a woman. She’s also the latest in a string of press secretaries to serve Trump over the course of his embattled presidency, but for some reason, she’s pretty upset that President-Elect Joe Biden is getting kudos for hiring an all-female press staff ahead of next year’s inauguration. So upset, in fact, that McEnany has taken to Twitter to rant about coverage of Biden’s historic appointing and, weirdly, erase the existence of her male colleagues in the process.

It all started Sunday evening when McEnany became enraged at a Washington Post article that lauded Biden’s all-female communications team. McEnany took to Twitter to refute the article’s claim that Biden’s would be the first female-only press team, led by former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki.

And look, touting diverse hiring practices and bragging about giving women jobs they’re more than qualified for isn’t that great a look for anyone, but what’s worse is blatantly lying about your hiring practices and completely sweeping your male colleagues under the rug in a display of shallow feminism. This is what McEnany did when she maintained that Trump’s White House press team was also made up entirely of women. Unfortunately for her, former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, came to correct her and he brought receipts.

Conway seemed puzzled about why McEnany would lie about something so “pointless” and strangely easy to discredit with a quick Google search. It turns out, Judd Deere, Brian Morgenstern, and Devin O’Malley all serve on the White House communications team — Conway helpfully screenshotted their bios — with Deere and Morgenstern acting as deputy press secretaries while O’Malley serves as Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary. So either McEnany has been operating under the delusion that she was the only one speaking to the press all this time, or she wanted to prop Trump up as some kind of feminist hero so bad, she just “forgot” about the men also working in her office.

Either way, Twitter came for her and came for her hard.

Someone put a note in McEnany’s binder, so she doesn’t make the same mistake next time, please.