Kayleigh McEnany Deleted A Blundered Tweet That Highlighted A Soaring Murder Rate Under Trump

In a failed attempt to pin increased murder rates on Joe Biden taking office, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany quickly deleted a tweet on Wednesday night that actually revealed the crime rates skyrocketed under her old boss, Donald Trump. However, as McEnany should know by now, screenshots live forever.

The slip-up went down as McEnany clearly misread a new graph from The New York Times that showed the largest spike in murder rates since the 1906s when crime statistics started being recorded at the federal level. Thinking she had some data to attack Biden with, McEnany tweeted the graph with the caption “The U.S. murder rate under Joe Biden…” There was just one small detail that McEnany missed until her tweet started blowing up. The graph stops at 2020, Trump’s final year in office. Even more damning, Mediaite reports that murder rates actually dropped when Biden took office. Although, there is debate over the correlation of those two events.

After realizing that she essentially revealed that murder rates shot through the roof under Trump, McEnany deleted the tweet, but not before it was screencapped and became the source of a still-going parade of dunks on Twitter.

You can see reactions to McEnany inadvertently owning her old boss below:

(Via Mediaite)