Noted Trump-World Figures Kayleigh McEnany And Stephen Miller Have Been Subpoenaed By The Jan. 6 Committee

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and former Senior Advisor Stephen Miller have just become the latest Trump administration stooges to get slapped with subpoenas by the January 6 committee. In late October, both their names came up in a trove of documents on the insurrectionist attack that Trump is trying to prevent the National Archives from releasing, so the two of them being dragged before Congress is not a total surprise. However, it should be a worrying development for others in Trump’s orbit during his disastrous “Stop the Steal” really that resulted in the U.S. Capitol being attacked by MAGA rioters. Via Mediaite:

McEnany has been subpoenaed for her very public comments pushing false claims of election fraud (including some absolute mathematical nonsense) and for allegedly being with Trump as the Capitol riots unfolded.

Miller was similarly subpoenaed for his public comments stirring up election lies.

According to the New York Times, the documents Trump is attempting to assert executive privilege over reportedly contain “proposed talking points” for McEnany from the day of the January 6 attack. As for Miller, he is referenced in 46 of the 770 pages that Trump wishes to block. However, President Joe Biden has already declared that Trump’s executive privilege ended when he left office, which naturally, triggered a court battle over the documents being released.

(Via Mediaite)