Keanu Reeves’ Conversation With A Young Fan Is Another Reason Why He Is The Most Lovable Celebrity Of All Time

There are only so many actors who could be considered “wholesome” and “good.” It’s not easy to have a good head on your shoulders when the world is constantly asking you to make yourself a meme or become a viral sensation. Some people can handle it, others can’t. You can’t blame them! Most of the time, at least.

Of course, there is a short list of Cool Guys who just so happened to be actors, like Henry Winkler and his earnest Twitter account, or Hugh Grant and his upcoming portrayal of an Oompa Loompa. But one actor is constantly going above and beyond when it comes to his fame, and that’s Mr. Keanu Reeves. You know him, you love him, and you’ve seen him shoot a gun from every angle imaginable. But he could not be more different than his on-screen counterpart in John Wick.

Reeves recently surprised fans by appearing at a signing for his latest issue of BRZRKR, Reeves’ comic book series. Even though it was a last minute event, the fans came through, including one young boy named Noah who was positively star stuck while meeting his favorite actor. Isn’t it fun when celebrities introduce themselves as if they are just a normal person on the street and not one of the most beloved thespians of our time? It must be humbling for them.

The actor took the time to meet and chat with Noah about his favorite Reeves character, like Duke Caboom, his action figure from Toy Story 4, and possibly his most underrated character (besides that one rare time when he played a serial killer).

This isn’t surprising, coming from the self-proclaimed Puppy King who periodically crashes his fan’s weddings and gifts his co-workers with expensive watches. But it’s nice to confirm that he loves kids, too.

Obviously, this just made the internet love him more.

Did you know that Reeves is left-handed? Well, now you do! Of course, Reeves will probably never admit that he’s the greatest celebrity because he’s notoriously humble and private. But I have no problem whatsoever telling everyone that this man is pure joy personified and should never experience anything bad for the rest of his life. Every tongue that rises against Keanu will fall eventually.