People Are Outraged On Kelly Ripa’s Behalf At The Sudden News Of Michael Strahan Leaving ‘Live’

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As you’ve likely heard by now, it was announced on Tuesday that Live! With Kelly And Michael co-host Michael Strahan is going to be leaving for greener pastures to ABC’s other morning show, Good Morning America — which is said to be hoping to catch some of that lightning-in-a-bottle effect Strahan had on the ratings for Live. The only problem is, no one bothered to give Kelly Ripa a heads up about Strahan’s departure, and she pretty much found out when everybody else did as the news hit the media.

As a result, Ripa did not show up to Live this morning, leading many to speculate that her absence is in protest at having been disrespected and humiliated by the news. But here’s the thing: Kelly Ripa is our homegirl. She’s funny. She has a great sense of humor about herself. She had hands down the best Broad City cameo of all time. Everybody loves her. Therefore, if Kelly Ripa is unhappy, we are unhappy.

As such, people came out in droves to voice their displeasure with the snub, and to let ABC know that we STAND WITH KELLY.

And of course, there were also the requisite fair share of offers from those who would actually frigging appreciate being Ripa’s co-host:

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