Kelly Ripa Is Dealing With The Unfortunate Bathroom Issues That Come With Rocking ‘Furry Nails’

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“Furry Nails” — no, really — are the latest fashion trend that seem like something right out of The Hunger Games. Welcome to 2016, everybody! There are so many questions I have about this, as someone who is OCD about washing my hands, and thankfully Kelly Ripa is on hand to answer at least one of them. Ripa, who is no stranger to cutting-edge fashion trends, having dyed her hair myriad cotton-candy colors in the past, showed off her brand new furry nails during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night.

The one major downside Ripa points out, however, is that in order to properly rock furry nails, one must hire a “wiper” — and yes, that means exactly what you think it does. Sadly most of us are not as well off as Kelly Ripa, so before deciding on furry nails, make sure to ask yourself, “Can I afford a professional wiper?” If not, then maybe this is just one trend you should let pass on by.

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