People Are Saying ‘You’re Fired’ To Kellyanne Conway And Other Trump Staffers Who’ve Been Asked To Leave Military Board Posts

Joe Biden is coming up on nine months since taking office, and he’s still cleaning up whatever Trump effluvia that’s still lurking around. On Wednesday he found some more dirt that needed scrubbing: As per CNN, the president’s administration has asked 11 officials appointed by Trump to a military advisory board to resign or be dismissed. And the news couldn’t help but inspire people on social media to summon one of Trump’s signature catchphrases — one American voters already told him nearly a year ago.

Among the Trump appointees who will soon vacate their positions are former senior council Kellyanne Conway, former press secretary (and ex-Dancing with the Stars competitor) Sean Spicer, and former national security advisor H.R. McMaster. They currently serve on advisory boards for, respectively, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and West Point.

But not for much longer, they won’t. Some of them made a stink about it, tweeting that they would stand their ground, i.e., wait until the Biden administration gave them the boot. One of them was Conway, who made public a letter she sent to Biden himself, demanding he resign, not her.

But Conway’s symbolic stubbornness was not admired by many on Twitter, who instead treated her and the other Trump appointees to their appointer’s most famous line: “You’re fired.”

Others went with a good old fashioned “Bye Felicia.”

Some reasoned that not having Conway or Spicer on military advisory boards was no big loss.

Others weren’t surprised that some of them were reluctant to quit.

Some, however, were a bit surprised that a Trumpist like Conway would complain about “presidential norms” being torched.

Current White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressed the manner with her usual deadpan, telling reporters, “I will let others evaluate whether they think Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer and others were qualified, or not political, to serve on these boards, but the President’s qualification requirements are not your party registration, they are whether you’re qualified to serve and whether you’re aligned with the values of this administration.”

(Via CNN)