Kevin Sorbo Is Being Dragged For Making Fun Of Hunter Biden’s Struggles With Drug Addiction

To most people, Kevin Sorbo is that guy who played Hercules on a TV show over 20 years ago. What some might not know is he’s a big outspoken conservative — almost as huge as Scott Baio, who was on a TV show over 30 years ago. If he makes news at all these days, it’s for getting owned by Lucy Lawless, star of the Hercules spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess, after he tweeted baseless lies about the failed MAGA coup. Cut to a few weeks later and he’s getting dragged online again, this time for making fun of Hunter Biden’s drug addiction.

“Tell Hunter Biden he forgot to pick up his lap pipe,” wrote the onetime Kull the Conqueror. “I mean crack top. I mean, I… you know the thing.”

The president’s son has long been a fixation of the far right, who’ve singled him out for alleged corruption, even by the former president’s corrupt sons. They also like to focus on Hunter’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, sometimes even mocking his father for caring about his son’s personal issues. So when someone who has been outspoken about his deep Christian beliefs thought it was a good idea to make fun of someone’s addiction issues, people remembered that he existed.

To his credit, Sorbo has eked out a career, albeit by pandering to the far right. He played a mean atheist professor in the first in the God’s Not Dead series, and he also wrote, directed, and starred in Let There Be Light, in which he played a mean atheist who comes to believe in the Christian god. What other actors can say they can only play two roles: Hercules or jerky non-believers? That’s range!