Kim Kardashian Tried To Break The Internet Again With A Revealing Selfie

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03.07.16 2 Comments

It’s been 15 months since Kim Kardashian broke the Internet (and Pam from Archer fixed it), and the world still hasn’t recovered. It’s Mad Max out there — the nefarious Egg Council is running Twitter, Facebook was overtaken by racist uncles sharing poorly Photoshopped political memes, and MySpace is a barren wasteland. Okay, so nothing’s changed since November 2014, when Kardashian wore nothing at all (“nothing at all…”) for Paper. If anything, the Internet’s gotten even better, because now we have Full Holes in our lives.

Let’s see what happens now that she’s back to “breaking the Internet.”

Earlier today, Kardashian shared a selfie on her Instagram with the caption, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” That is so what I’m like when I have nothing to wear. Anyway, considering Kardashian gave birth to Saint only 13 weeks ago, can you blame her for wanting to show off her body?

Except, according to the Daily Beast, “Internet sleuths have suggested that the full-length photograph, which appears to have been taken in a bathroom mirror, may be from last year, since Kim’s tousled hair is peroxide blonde in the snap.” (I’m imagining a CSI-like team spending millions of taxpayer dollars and an untold amount of man hours to come up with the conclusion that, yes, this does appear to have been taken in a bathroom mirror.)

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