Kim Kardashian’s Awkward Butter Yeezy Photo Has Launched An Amazing Meme

Getty Image

Kim Kardashian never leaves the headlines, but after last week’s weight-loss bragging, something much more than the usual family feuds would be required to distract the masses. Well, she has risen to the challenge and, naturally, has managed to attract an enormous amount of attention with a new photoshoot.

Here’s the instantly infamous image that Kardashian posted on Twitter, where she chose to promote Kanye West’s new Butter Yeezy 350 shoes with a bizarre pose. Behold this meticulously messy awkwardness.

Did she … do this on purpose? Oh yes, at least to some degree. Very little goes unplanned when it comes to the Kardashian Klan, and folks were quick to note that the unnatural (not to mention uncomfortable) looking pose resembled the chalk outlines seen at crime scenes.

Because this is the Internet, people couldn’t help but Photoshop the heck out of the image while placing Kardashian (and her very serious facial expression) into a number of equally awkward settings, especially playing up the butter theme.

Aaaand Kardashian loses this round, which means that she and this Yeezy shoe have actually won because one awkward pose led to a load of attention for ‘Ye’s brand. Obviously, she’ll be back for more soon. Until then….