Jimmy Kimmel Has Some New Nicknames For Sarah Palin, Who Went To A Restaurant After Testing Positive For COVID

For a brief moment, it seemed like Sarah Palin was actually bucking the Republican Party by coming out in favor of masking and vaccines after her family caught COVID last year. It was a surprising stance for the former vice presidential candidate who’s been a stalwart Donald Trump supporter. However, Palin’s dalliance with common sense was fleeting as she kicked into full GOP mode barely six months later and swore she’d never get vaccinated while trashing Dr. Fauci on Fox News.

Jump to this week where Palin has been making headlines after her defamation suit against The New York Times was delayed because she caught COVID again. Things really took a turn when two days later, the COVID positive Palin was spotted eating out at a New York restaurant, which even Meghan McCain couldn’t resist calling “stupid” and “selfish.”

Naturally, late night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act, and he came loaded with new nicknames for Palin during Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! After referring to her as “The Unmasked Singer,” Kimmel unloaded on Palin for refusing to quarantine. Via The Wrap:

“You know, in New York, you’re supposed to isolate for five days after a positive test, but darn it, that’s not how [the] Alaska top hockey mom does it. She plays by her own rules. So the other night she caught some flack for eating indoors at a restaurant, despite the fact you’re supposed to show proof of vaccination to get in and she doesn’t have that.”

Kimmel then showed footage of Palin eating in a restaurant, and joked, “There’s Typhoid Mary having some linguini or something.”

Kimmel also roasted Palin for not getting take-out, which would’ve been ridiculously easy to do in her situation. “What’s she supposed to do,” Kimmel quipped. “Sit in her hotel room and order from any of the 20,000 restaurants in New York City?”

(Via The Wrap)