Jimmy Kimmel Lets Loose On ‘Meathead’ Jim Jordan For Attacking Dr. Fauci With ‘Relentless Stupidity’

Maxine Waters isn’t the only one who dressed down Jim Jordan on Thursday after the congressman peppered Dr. Fauci with relentless questions about when Americans will stop having their freedom and liberties “assaulted.” Jimmy Kimmel devoted the opening of his monologue (beginning after the 1:00 mark) to slamming the “shaved ape from Ohio” for forcing Fauci to “endure his relentless stupidity,” and the late night host didn’t hold back.

“You know who else was assaulted? Those wrestlers when you were their coach at Ohio State,” Kimmel said, earning an audible reaction from behind the cameras. “I guess you didn’t notice that, but go on.”

After playing another clip of Jordan continuing to berate Fauci and demand what the “objective” or acceptable number is for Americans to get their freedom back, Kimmel went to work schooling the Republican senator and anyone else who’s rejecting the advice of medical experts:

“Listen, meathead. First of all, Dr. Fauci hasn’t assaulted anyone. All of a sudden he cares about people being assaulted. And, secondly, doing squats at 24-Hour Fitness doesn’t make you a healthy expert. Look, I’ve said this before, and I think it’s worth repeating. All the doctors tell you to wear masks and be careful and that the vaccine is safe. So if you decide it isn’t, well, that’s fine. Don’t get it. But you’re not allowed to go to the doctors anymore. Why would you? They don’t know anything. Go treat your gonorrhea with witch hazel and a cotton swab.”

Not content with just one jab at Jordan’s scandalous tenure as the Ohio State wrestling coach, Kimmel took one more shot to wrap his thoughts on Jordan’s meltdown. “Dr. Fauci, this guy has been doing this forever. He’s giving his very educated opinions. The closest Jim Jordan ever got to being an infectious disease is contracting scabies on a wrestling mat,” Kimmel declared.