A Texas Diner Created A Sexy Restroom Trap To Expose Its ‘Perverted’ Female Customers

Apparently tired of “perverted” women (see: women with normal, healthy libidos) roaming its premises, Kitty’s Purple Cow in Surfside Beach, Texas has devised the perfect bathroom trap to savagely mortify such ladies. Or at least have a little fun with them.

The setup is this: The image below, featuring a lovely young man, hangs on the purple wall of the diner’s restroom. A white door dangles over his dude parts.

According to elegantly-named IMGUR user cropping by helen keller, “If you lift the little white door, a loud buzzer goes off throughout the entire restaurant, forcing you to do the walk of perverted shame, out of the restroom.”

For those who wouldn’t be able to resist, here’s a look under the flap, courtesy of curious IMGUR user AlexandriaPruden20:

And here’s a short video of the trap in action: