Lara Trump Claims To Know Nothing About Trump’s Delusional (Reported) Belief That He’ll Be Reinstated As President

President Trump’s been attempting to weasel his way back into the mainstream U.S. consciousness while staying rent-free in right-wing minds. He’d love to get back on Twitter, most of all, and that frustration is evident in the way that he deleted his sad blog after only one month. This week saw another delusional Trump claim, albeit a reported one, when New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported that Trump was wildly telling people that he was going to be back in the White House by August.

Naturally, there’s no way that this will happen, and the matter became not only a talking point but a laughing point, to which Lara Trump (wife of Eric) fielded a question from Brian Kilmeade on Thursday’s episode of Fox and Friends. She attempted to shut the story down like it was mere rumor and nothing that her father-in-law had anything to do with, in any shape or form.

“As far as I know, there are no plans for Donald Trump to be in the White House in August,” Lara declared. “Maybe there’s something I don’t know. But no, I think that that is a lot of folks getting a little worked up about something just because maybe there wasn’t enough pushback, you know, from the Republican side. So no, I have not heard any plans for Donald Trump to be installed in the White House in August.”

In other words, Lara’s trying to say that someone started a rumor, and it blew up because Team Trump didn’t shut it down fast enough. Yet of course, it’s very easy to believe that Trump — who incited the deadly January 6 insurrection in an effort to stay in power — would still be deluded enough to believe that the “stolen” election would suddenly go his way, seven months later. Interestingly enough, the Washington Post published a new report that says Donald spends his days obsessing over recounts, and his advisors try to tell him that it’s over, but the act is like “pissing into the wind.”