Larry King Might Be In The Doghouse After Tweeting About How His Wife Would Be A Great Hooker

Friend of Uproxx Larry King went on another one of his patented Twitter runs last night, and this time he may have gotten himself in hot water with mama at home. I mean, how was Larry not forced to sleep on the sofa after he tweeted this…

I suppose this may be a misguided attempt by Larry to compliment his wife but, ugh, NO. C’mon, Larry, is it not enough that this woman, Shawn Southwick King, has to have sex with you? For that alone she should be considered for Sainthood, even if she did actually bang another dude in your bed. You did allegedly sleep with her sister, after all. At this rate, this hilarious section from Larry’s Wikipedia page may need editing soon…

Go home, Larry, you’re drunk.

We’re calling bullsh*t, Larry. You’re totally drunk.