Laura Ingraham Is Totally Letting That ‘SNL’ Impression Get Under Her Skin, And People Aren’t Impressed With Her Response

Depending on one’s perspective, an SNL imitation could be seen as flattery, even if the context ain’t so great. After all, there’s nothing quite like rising to the forefront of pop-cultural consciousness when one is a provocateur, like so many right-wingers fancy themselves to be. Yet recently, rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert revealed her triggered state over Chloe Fineman’s impression of her. And Fox News host Laura Ingraham might be reacting with an all-smiles approach, but it sure seems like Kate McKinnon’s impression of Ingraham has the subject lashing out in a passive-aggressive way.

The Ingraham Angle host, who is not known for her comedic timing and recently cheered about a Covid diagnosis, pasted a smile onto her face as she bobbed her whole upper body around while doing an impression of McKinnon’s impression.

“The recent I like Kate McKinnon, I have so much respect for her as a talent. She’s so even-handed [in] political commentary, but seriously, think about all the low-hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi… I mean, I think this is kinda comedy gold, don’t you?”

Here’s how this all went down, visually speaking. It wasn’t wonderful.

Yeah, Ingraham is not thrilled, and it will surely be interesting if McKinnon or any other SNL cast member responds, but it would be even more telling if they ignore her and continue business as usual. Or if McKinnon simply popped onscreen to do an impression of Ingraham’s impression of the initial impression. This could all get circular and pretty confusing and maybe not in the best way:

Otherwise, people piled onto Ingraham for her awkward response:

In closing, here’s an important point to be made about McKinnon’s talent, which is undeniable but can only go so far!