Lauren Boebert Is Vowing That She ‘Won’t Be Cancelled’ While Challenging Ilhan Omar To A Debate On Laura Ingraham’s Show

Let’s just say that being defended by Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t a good sign, but rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert will not be deterred after starting the worst congressional feud with Ilhan Omar through a string of “jihad squad” remarks and a suicide bomber “joke.” Boebert hit Fox News last night to chat with Laura Ingraham, and the far-right congresswoman didn’t seem apologetic over her remarks. In fact, she vowed that she won’t be cancelled.

In Boebert’s eyes, Omar and the Democrats do not “want an apology.” Rather, she believes, “They want public humiliation.” Further, Boebert insisted, “They want to cancel me and that is not going to happen.”

Boebert didn’t mention (of course) that voices on the right have also condemned her comments. Further, she’s only half-apologized in the public realm before engaging in a tense call with Omar, to whom Boebert refused to acknowledge her Islamophobic remarks (about Omar). The Colorado-hailing rep has even dropped them on the House floor as well as in multiple videos that have since emerged.

The Ingraham-hosted interview was as messy as expected. Boebert insisted that her half-apology happened not because she wished to “appease” anyone but, “I did that because I’m here to be a good congresswoman.”

And here’s Boebert expressing the desire to flat-out debate Omar, and sure, she wants it to happen on Ingraham’s program.

Uh, what does Boebert want to debate? There’s no telling, but she does appear to believe that her “jihad squad” remarks are some sort of policy matter.

Meanwhile, a local Colorado news anchor recently went viral when he called out “the cruel, false, and bigoted things that Boebert says for attention and fundraising.” Yep, Boebert keeps telling that fake elevator story for far-right laughs, and possibly for more campaign contributions that she can funnel into personal expenses. It’s not a great look, in several ways.