Lauren Boebert Got Flash-Fried By A Fed-Up Local Colorado News Anchor Amid Backlash Over Her ‘Jihad Squad’ Rant

Fresh off her last round in an ongoing Jimmy Kimmel feud, rootin’ tootin’ GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert has taken a break from attempting to channel Ronald Reagan and, instead, she’s attacked several of her fellow House members with conspiracy theories while waving the “jihad squad” term around. The lawmaker who got busted for paying rent with campaign funds straight-up accused Rep. Ilhan Omar (without proof) of handing “over a million dollars” to her husband “and not her brother-husband – the other one,” and that was only the beginning of her racially charged rant.

Bobert was all kinds of mad about the censure of GOP Rep. Paul Gosar after he posted an anime video that had been tweaked to show him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden, and one local Colorado news anchor has had enough. Next on 9 News (from an NBC affiliate) anchor Kyle Clark, unloaded a one-minute rant, in which he slams the “bigoted” things that come out of Boebert’s mouth. And he calls upon the press to start holding Boebert to a customary standard rather than letting her run amok.

Here’s part of Clark’s rant:

“It’s time to acknowledge something that may be obvious by now. We hold Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert to a different standard than every other elected official in Colorado. We hold Congresswoman Boebert to a far lower standard. If we held her to the same standard as every other elected Republican and Democrat in Colorado, we would be here, near nightly, chronicling the cruel, false, and bigoted things that Boebert says for attention and fundraising.”

That wasn’t all. Clark declared that, “Our double standard is unfair to all elected officials in Colorado, Republicans and Democrats, who display human decency.” He’s not wrong, and in other news, Boebert’s ex-campaign manager, Sherronna Bishop, was the subject of a recent FBI raid. Bishop’s apparently an ally of Mike Lindell, according to Salon, and she played a role in “stoking unfounded allegations of voting machine problems in the election.” Sounds like she fit right in with the Boebert mindset.