Lauren Boebert’s Constituents Are Ignoring Her Threats Against Holding Drag Queen ‘Storytime’ Events And Holding Them Anyway

Republicans have always been anti-LGBTQIA+, but their latest target is bizarre even for them. They’ve decided that, on top of hating trans people, they also hate…drag queens. (No, not that one.) Specifically they hate drag queens holding “storytime” events for families, which they’ve accused of “grooming” — an old school homophobic line of attack dusted off for the modern era. Lauren Boebert went so far as to warn her constituents from holding such events in her district. They aren’t listening.

As per Raw Story, Cook Inclusive Company, which holds “storytime” events, defied Boebert and held one in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Boebert’s district. The result? A rousing success. According to The Post Independent, the all-inclusive gathering featured tiaras, arts, crafts, flags, and more.

“Diva picked the stories they told, and they were all centered on self-love, inclusivity and even some of the origins of Pride and backstories of queer heroes, like the story of late California politician Harvey Milk.”

Contrary to what openly bigoted far right politicians and pundits say, drag queen “storytimes” are about preaching tolerance and acceptance.

“The goals of drag storytimes are to inspire a love of reading while teaching deeper lessons on diversity, inclusion, self-love and an appreciation of others,” said Kaleb Cook, the group’s founder.

Boebert has spent the bulk of her time in Congress being one of the loudest and most obnoxious of the MAGA sect, second only to Marjorie Taylor Greene (and maybe tied with Matt Gaetz). She is, however, the only one of the group, or indeed in the entirety of the House, to have a husband who exposed himself at a bowling alley.

(Via Raw Story and The Post Independent)