Lauren Boebert’s Demand For More Justice After The Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict Is Not Going Over As Planned

On Wednesday, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit and abuse underage girls. This follows revelations that Donald Trump was among the names (also including Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, and Bill Clinton) who took joyrides on Epstein’s plane, and let’s just say that the book may not be closed on the subject. Despite the many Getty Images of Trump hanging with Epstein, however, rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert didn’t get the memo about Trump’s Epstein association, which makes things mighty awkward, considering that Boebert is a major Trump fan and also called for more justice following the Maxwell verdict.

“Ghislaine Maxwell deserves to rot behind bars for the rest of her days,” Boebert tweeted (while possibly thinking only of Clinton). “[A]nd the public deserves to know every single person involved in the Epstein sex trafficking network. We deserve to know the whole truth, not just some vague court sketches.”

That’s pretty awkward stuff from the possible “covfefe” imitator and defender of gingerbread men everywhere. That’s especially the case since Trump’s previous “I wish her well” statement about Maxwell made the rounds following the guilty verdict.

Well, people were ready to highlight those Getty photos of Donald and Melania with Epstein and Maxwell at Mar-a-Lago, along with other remarks adding up to backlash.

And of course, some January 6 remarks entered the mix, too.

We’re almost to 2022, guys. Might be a good time for Boebert to tweet a little less frequently, but that’s probably not gonna happen because it’s also book promotion time for her. This is a cover, alright.