Lauren Boebert Is Tweeting Gibberish Now, And People Are Wondering What The Heck is Really Going On

Back in 2017 (a simpler time, comparatively speaking), then-President Trump unleashed a typo heard ’round the world. This led to the magical invention of “covfefe,” which Trump subsequently ruined by responding to the tweet. Well, Lauren Boebert is a ride-or-die fan of Trump, so maybe there’s some subconscious imitation that’s happening with her latest (bizarre) tweet. Or maybe she’s simply typing gibberish on her own?

It’s difficult to say what’s really amiss here, other than to say that something is wrong because Boebert essentially made up a word while attempting to insult President Biden. “It’s almost the end of 2021,” the rootin’ tootin’ representative tweeted. “[A]nd I’ve yet to see Biden mobilize truinternatialdepressure like he promised. What’s the hold up?”

Wow. Naturally, “truinternatialdepressure” is being googled here and there while people wonder if maybe, just maybe, this is a term that’s been invented by the far-right, who is still (somehow) running the “Let’s Go Brandon” ball into the ground. Yet this seems a lot more like a genuine typo, or like Boebert attempted to type a clever amalgamation of some sort, and the effort backfired.

Or perhaps she simply sneezed while typing? Who knows. Regardless, people are noticing the new “covfefe.”

And everyone’s wondering what on earth Boebert really intended to say with this declaration. Surely, this was a phone tweet, no? That’s no excuse, though, but she’s so far leaving the tweet up (whereas she has been known to delete those tweets while attempting to scrub previous errors).

In addition, some people would like to know why the Rifle Republican has yet to mention the latest mass shooting in her state of Colorado. That’s a fair question, but so far, no comment from Boebert.