‘Imeach Biden’: Noted Brainiac Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Somehow Misspelled ‘Impeach’ In Her Loopy Call To Impeach Joe Biden

Living up to her nickname of “Sarah Palin 2.0,” rootin’ tootin’ Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert somehow managed to misspell the word “impeach” in a new press release announcing that she’s introducing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. Sent out Friday afternoon, the release includes a litany of wild right-wing accusations against the president, but more glaringly, it arrived with a logo that reads “IMEACH BIDEN.” Apparently proof-reading isn’t a conservative value.

You can see a screenshot of the misspelled logo below:

After realizing the mistake, Boebert’s team attempted to send out a correction, but by then, the damage was already done as the misspelled logo bounced around social media. As Kayleigh McEnany can recently attest to, screenshots last forever. As for the chances of Boebert’s call for impeachment being anything more than tossing red meat to her supporters, she accuses Biden of arming terrorists and blames Kamala Harris for getting the 13 servicemen in Afghanistan killed by not invoking the 25th amendment sooner. So yeah, don’t except much movement there.

This latest screw-up for Boebert arrives on the heels of her admission that she used campaign funds to pay her rent and utility bills, which is a major violation, and now has the gun-toting congresswoman facing even more scrutiny from the Federal Election Commission. Boebert was already under the FEC microscope for reimbursing herself for $22,000 worth of mileage and neglecting to report her husband’s $478,000 income as a consultant to an energy firm. In her defense, she’s still learning how the branches of government work. Congresswomaning is hard.

(Via southpaw on Twitter)