Lauren Boebert Thought She Was Being Hilarious When She Challenged Madison Cawthorn To A ‘Sprint’ To Land Kyle Rittenhouse As An Intern

Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men and severely wounded another in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020, was found not guilty of first-degree intentional homicide and four other felony charges last week — and he already has multiple job offers. Matt Gaetz wants to make him a congressional intern; Paul Gosar (the same Paul Gosar who shared a video where he’s depicted as murdering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) tweeted that he would “arm wrestle” the Florida congressman “to get dibs for Kyle as an intern”; and Madison Cawthorn also offered him an internship following the not guilty verdict.

Not so fast, says rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert.

Speaking with Seb Gorka on Tuesday night, Boebert mentioned that Cawthorn has seemingly called dibs on any Rittenhouse congressional internship, however fantastical the notion may be. The congresswoman then suggested that she and Cawthorn, who is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair after a car accident in 2014, settle the matter by sprinting against one another.

“Now, I do have some colleagues on the Hill who have, just like me, offered Kyle Rittenhouse an internship in their office and Madison Cawthorn, he said that he would arm wrestle me for this Kyle Rittenhouse internship,” she said. “But Madison Cawthorn has some pretty big guns, and so I would like to challenge him to a sprint instead. Let’s make this fair.” Boebert thought her offer was hilarious; others disagreed.

(Via Mediaite)