‘SNL’ Cast Member Chloe Fineman Trolled ‘Actual Clown’ Lauren Boebert After Her Triggered Response To That Parody Gun Sketch

Rifle Republican Lauren Boebert wasn’t pleased after SNL did the obligatory thing in response to her gun-filled family Christmas photo (and the existence of Marjorie Taylor Greene at her defense). The sketch show parodied the hell out of her with Chloe Fineman doing the rootin’ tootin’ honors, and in response, Boebert (pun fully intended) seemed triggered and fired a shot (can’t stop the puns here) at Alec Baldwin in the process.

“Just saw the poorly-acted SNL skit from last night,” Boebert disapprovingly wrote. “Seeing the poor trigger discipline from the no-name actress who played me makes me think Alec Baldwin did the gun safety training over there. BTW, when are they moving SNL over to CNN to die out of irrelevance?”

In the aftermath of this grump-fest, Jon Lovitz called out Boebert on Twitter (particularly regarding her horrible joke about the fatal Rust shooting), and he was joined by many others. Over on Instagram, Chloe Fineman reacted. While referring to Boebert as an “actual clown,” she posted the SNL sketch for posterity and added, “p.s. loved clinkin our fake ass guns.”

Via The Independent, Fineman also called out Boebert via Instagram stories, where she pasted the far-right congresswoman’s tweeted and added, “Lmaoooooooo.”

There’s been no further response from Boebert as of yet, but it’s probably coming. For the record, she also previously tweeted, “The right doesn’t need an SNL. We could just turn on CNN and MSNBC which are parodies of themselves at this point.” Fightin’ words!