Let’s Go On Patrol With Batman And His Tiny, Adorable LEGO RC Batpod

The Lego Batpod, striking d’aaaaaws into the underworld’s heart. 

There are no three radder things in this world than Batman, LEGO and remote controlled cars, so when I saw this remote controlled LEGO Batpod, well, I’m pretty sure my inner child popped his first boner. Built by master of LEGO RC vehicles, Sariel, the LEGO Batpod is both adorable and fully capable of taking to the streets of Gotham (or wherever Sariel lives) for a late night patrol.

Check out the LEGO Batpod in action below…

While we’re at it, Sariel also made a pretty amazing LEGO Tumbler as well…

Beats the pants off the actual official LEGO Tumbler I’d say.

via The Brothers Brick